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How does kinesiology work?

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How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology works with mental and emotional stresses, physical problems, injuries and illnesses, and energy issues. The essential skill of the Kinesiologist is muscle testing. This technique relies on the way your muscles are connected to your brain, that is via your nervous system. Anything that registers in your brain as a stress is reflected in your nervous system and in your muscles.

When muscle testing is done with specific references and challenges, your brain will reveal what stresses you.  The stress will be reflected in your nervous system and can be verified by the Kinesiologist by monitoring the response in your muscles.

This can be any kind of stress  - anything to do with your health, work, finances, relationships, goals, specific events in your life, inherited patterns, learning abilities… anything at all.
After revealing the cause of the stress, muscle testing can then reveal the most appropriate solution. In other words, what is the best way for you to resolve this particular problem at this time.

What makes Kinesiology unique?
Kinesiology incorporates many of the natural healing therapies, techniques, and references, from both Western and Eastern philosophies such as:  reflexology, acupressure, iridology, homeopathy, structure-function, astrology,  muscular-skeletal, nutrition and digestion, emotional stress release, repeated eye movement, meridian element theory, yin yang, JinShin, Jyutsu, flower essences, Chinese herbs,  functional neurology, brain function patterns, genetic blueprint, deep states, western herbs, Cheirology …and many more.

What will Kinesiology help with?
Tiredness, fatigue and lethargy, depression, emotionally upset, relationship problems, persistent or reoccurring injury, digestive or nutritional problems, lymphatic or hormonal problems, pain, sleep disturbances, learning difficulties, allergies, skin irritations, breathing difficulties, lymphatic, hormonal and immune issues, don’t seem to get what you want in life, never really recovered from an accident, illness or unable to get through a grief or trauma or feeling out of control.

Who is Kinesiology for?
Kinesiology is for anyone of any age; anyone who wishes to improve their health. Perhaps remove a stress from their life or find a solution to a problem.  To realize a goal, improve personal potential, and feel better about themselves. To regain their personal power, with a renewed  sense of freedom. To change how they feel about themselves and their world, and enhance their joy in living.

Where do I teach my Kinesiology Classes?

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