Monday, May 14, 2012

Val Walters Kinesiology Classes Review

** Val Walters Kinesiology Classes Review **

My Kinesiology Classes  - The Philosophy behind what I do.

What is unique about my Kinesiology Classes and being taught by one of the best!

Many things are unique in my kinesiology classes when you compare it to other Kinesiology's. I teach more than just what is general in the world of Kinesiology Classes  it is unique in the world of health and healing.

Kinesiology is for anyone of any age; anyone who wishes to improve their health. Perhaps remove a stress from their life or find a solution to a problem. To realize a goal, improve personal potential, and feel better about themselves. To regain their personal power, with a renewed sense of freedom. To change how they feel about themselves and their world, and enhance their joy in living. My Kinesiology Classes works with mental and emotional stresses, physical problems, injuries and illnesses and energy issues people may have.

What will Kinesiology help with?

Tiredness, fatigue and lethargy, depression, emotionally upset, relationship problems, persistent or reoccurring injury, digestive or nutritional problems, lymphatic or hormonal problems, pain, sleep disturbances, learning difficulties, allergies, skin irritations, breathing difficulties, lymphatic, hormonal and immune issues, don't seem to get what you want in life, never really recovered from an accident, illness or unable to get through a grief or trauma or feeling out of control.

Why do I teach my Kinesiology Classes?

I am an accredited Kinesiology Instructor with teaching qualifications approved by the Australian and International Touch For Health Association, and with Educating Alternatives Kinesiology.

Quite simply I believe the EA Kinesiology I teach and practice is higher than world class. The philosophy behind the teachings of EA Kinesiology inspire me to create an opportunity for others. I believe I am at the beginning of the next health revolution, a health revolution in which people must become responsible for their own health and for their own wellbeing and not one where people on the empirical skills of others to manifest a "cure".

Updated for 2012

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