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The importance of optimal nutrition

The importance of nutrition.

The reason is why nutritional is important is because, basically people have got wrong idea about nutrition from both a medical bias and an alternative medicine bias. In general most people think nutrition is a fix all, and they think that alternative medicine is just finding the right vitamins or minerals as an alternative to the medications. It just isn’t, it is nothing even close to that.

Why is this an important distinction. The two alternatives, basically means that instead of looking at nutrition in terms of “I have a problem with this organ function, so I need this sort of nutrition”, which includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, anything, - and particularly foods.

And we need to pay more attention to what foods we can use, because the trend is that unless you are wealthy you won’t have access to vitamins, minerals and herbs. By April next year 2014 it is likely that it will be illegal to use or sell herbs in Europe. That’s crazy, but it has been a fight that has been going on with the pharmaceutical companies versus the natural therapists for years and years.

Neuro-training is going to become a lot more important to be able to replace what is going to be missed (herbs). The only real source then of any medicinal, or natural or nutritional alternative is going to be from food. And that is already being attacked in lots of different ways.

There are patents already in America, and I also believe now in Europe, where the genetically modified seeds are designed to only respond to certain types of chemical fertilizers. If you put other fertilizers on them it will kill them. The whole process of using genetically modified and the fertilizers – that whole thing is patented. If that is allowed to continue it means that more and more big companies are going towards genetic engineering, there won’t be any of the natural seeds left. That means if we want the food to be grown we are committed to using only their fertilizer.

So our nutrition is being attacked literally and since 1975, as per an American survey, the average content of the vitamins and minerals in the foods in America have gone down to an average of 50%. Some more up to 60 or 70% depending on the vitamin or mineral, some less, 20-30 or 40%. So the actual nutritional value of the food has been lost in the last 35 years. You have to eat twice as much food just to get the same nutritional value as you did 30 years ago. That trend is very disturbing and taking away vitamins minerals and herbs, takes away the only other alternative we have to be able to work just at our base level. So we are going to become sick and sicker because we have a major part of our life being attacked by the financial industries – it all finance, just big business taking over what people consume the most, which is food.

We need to train people to what alternatives there are to this situation, because I think Neuro-Training is going to one of, if not the most important factor in helping people to compensate for this nutritional onslaught. We are dependant on nutrition and because of our dependency on it we are being taken advantage of.

So from the old days when people used to grow their own food, and exchange with other people growing their own food, to have a variety, they had agriculture. Agriculture has been turned into big business. There is no logic in it. Even people in the big companies, get sick and look to medicine, then when that doesn’t work and they realize they need vitamins, instead of buying them from alternative medicine they make it part of their product range.

An important alternative presented to most people is to go and find the nutrition they need, but there is no guarantee that that is actually going to give them the nutrition that they are looking for, or even if they actually need that. Neuro-training workshops gives us the ability to identify what they need, how to deal with it, so that the nervous system knows what to do when it is given that vitamin, food or mineral, because it actually needs it for a reason.

Most of the food that we eat we eat for two reasons. One is for energy and the other is to supply the necessary building blocks to our biochemistry can continue to function in a balanced normal way. And that is basically the only reason we eat. If we stop eating those biochemical functions continue to go on, but they adapt, and we have three or four different levels of adaption. Ultimately one of those levels of adaption is where we take the protein and we break it down and convert into usable substances to carry on other biochemical processes. We don’t have to do that if we can eat those substances that we need in the first place to maintain those biochemical processes.

When we are talking about energy we are talking about an equation. We eat food to have energy, but there are lots of other things that we do or don’t do, that drains that energy. Then we have this fight between wanting to have enough energy or getting from the wrong sources, or the wrong type of energy, mainly sugars, to try and bolster up this lack of energy. But we are creating an artificial energy process.

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Basic Elements of Human Existance

Basic Elements of human existence

The Necessary Basic Elements of human existence.

So, there are four basic and necessary elements: energy, genetics, time and space, and the ability to integrate all of these together - Deep States. As you study further the Model of Universal Principles, you will discover that these four references are extremely important for finding out the conflicts we endure through ignorance of how we really operate.

The Challenges
What makes these elements, or references, significant is the need for our nervous system to be challenged and hence the ability to adapt to those challenges. What makes these elements significant in disease and health problems are the defences and suppressions we experience that limit our ability to create new relationships without our lives.

The human body is a remarkable adaption device with many sophisticated adaption mechanisms at its service. Even with this highly developed flexibility, we are still only able to adapt as well as our experience has taught us. This means that we all have a learned set of responses to life that may suit our needs in some circumstances but not in others. By making a limited number of habitual adaptive responses, we can too easily start to restrict our adaption and hence create health risks for ourselves.

We see in the response to certain types of muscle tests, where a person has responded to a situation in a habitual way rather than creating a new and appropriate response. In an attempt to understand what and how the muscular system is able to reveal the various adaption inabilities a person may experience, Neuro-Training has developed a summary of the different types of muscle responses. A major part of this is 'The Four Phases of Muscle Monitoring'.

A muscle tested in contraction unlocks when the person is no longer able to adapt to some stress or functional demand somewhere. But the general context of any inappropriate response in a muscle in contraction is an inability to adapt to a particular current circumstance.

The effect is to spread the load of the interference amongst the circuitry of the antagonists and so free the function of the primary muscle to continue to do what it has to. When this has occurred, the primary muscle, when tested in extension, will not be able to hold its position. In fact, this test is checking the integrity of the antagonist muscle circuits as they relate to the primary muscle.

The next phase of testing is in the Gamma 2 type. The 'normal' testing is done by the facilitator initiating the movement. A Gamma 2 test is done where the client initiates the movement and then the facilitator applies pressure to the moving limb.

A muscle that will not hold in a Gamma 2 contraction test shows an accident in the past is still affecting the recuperation ability of the person. Or it may be indicating a nutritional imbalance. A muscle that will not hold in a Gamma 2 extension test shows a 'suppression' is affecting the person's ability to heal themselves.

Kinesiology Energy Systems
People are definitely energetic and this human energy requirement has to exist in different forms that allow us to manipulate and direct the energy to our advantage. So, yes, everything is energy, and because of the different forms or filters of this energy, we have to learn how to use them in different ways.

This depends on our having a clear understanding of how the energetic part of us actually works, which is different to the genetic components that allow us to use the energy. I would suggest that the practical application of any energetic form is dependent on understanding the correct use of the genetic components of that energetic being.

Genetics and energy
These are the starting point for any investigation into human function and yet there is also at least two other primary areas of research to be developed before we can say we ‘know’ human function. Everything can be classified as either ‘existence’ or a ‘relationship’ of some type.

Time and space
For us to fully grasp the concepts, we need to understand human function. We have to consider the relationship we have to time and space as well as energy and genetics. Time and space have been used to describe each other because of their unique intimacy with each other.

Energy does act on us and we on it but we do so within a set of genetic limitations. Energy and genetics combine to form a unique individual who progresses through life in a physical place through a period of time. If energy, genetics and time or space were integrated in such a way to support everything we want to do at a conscious and subconscious level, we would be able to achieve anything we want.

The question then, is what maintains the level of integration we need to achieve the things we want?

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