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Kinesiology and Health

Hello, I'm Valerie Walters.

I have a life passion for kinesiology and these pages are a great medium to share this passion with you so, take time to view the contents.

I began my interest in alternative lifestyle and medicines reading about ancient cultures when still in my teens. After many years working in commerce, I made the decision to take my interest in alternative medicine, from interest to career. I was introduced to, and fascinated by, muscle testing by a Chiropractor, who had, for many years, been using this wonderful skill for diagnosis, combining it with Chiropractic for treatment.

When I discovered that muscle testing was more than a valuable tool used by many natural therapist, but part of the complete science of Kinesiology, I was “hooked” and started studying and later teaching (and haven’t stopped!)

Completing my Kinesiology Training provides the opportunity to find out more about yourself, to take responsibility for what occurs in your life, allowing change and more choice in your life.

Yes every person is unique. We each have our own way of adapting to stressful situations and dealing with problems. How well we do this will determine our ability to be healthy and happy.

Being well and happy is an expression of who we are and how we feel. Life's problems can happen at any time and we call on our life's resources to help solve these problems.

Thus our emotions, beliefs, fears, behaviour patterns, genetics, and our physical structure all play a part in handling these life issues. If any of theses life support systems can't cope then illness our symptoms of illness may develop.

We have an innate ability to heal, however there can be limitations to this healing ability.

Suppression of our true expression of who we are and how we feel, can be in any of the areas of how we function; emotions, beliefs, fears, behaviours, genetics, physical structure, to name just a few. "Feelings buried alive, never die….."

As a Kinesiologist I am able to access specific references; to find the emotional, mental and physical imbalances a person holds within. These imbalances are often held in the subconscious and can be accessed through a person’s neurology. Understanding this neurology can often indicate the cause of a problem and then the most appropriate solution can be found to bring the body/mind into balance, increasing the quality and expression of the person's own individual spirit.

My Kinesiology Training provides the opportunity to find out more about yourself, to take responsibility for what occurs in your life, allowing change and more choice in your life.

Key Benefits:
As a Kinesiologist, Valerie works with the mind/body systems. Kinesiology is remarkable, allowing the practitioner to work with a wide range of patient issues.

Workshops I Teach:
My above site contains references to the various accredited training courses I teach plus outlines the timetable and their contents. Sometimes I have to change the course dates so email me for the latest information and timetable.

To personally contact me for workshop Registration or my clinic; Phone +61242 841378 or use the website link from my site.

As people - How do we heal?
Kinesiology has traditionally focused on techniques and over the years developed new ones and enhanced existing ones. Over the last few years I have been trained and discovered exciting new approaches to kinesiology through extensive research into the Universal Laws of Healing.

My research also incorporates how best to apply techniques in a way that honour the natural laws of healing, creating a philosophy that is fundamentally different to other existing approaches.

Function and healing is about how well we can adapt to the many challenges in our life. It is about the expression of our values, within ourselves, in our family, in society, and within the Universal Laws.

How we heal also shows that we have 'options' in way our neurology functions. These 'options' once we are aware of them, can therefore show how we are healing and provide information as to why we may not be on our healing path.

One neurology option is survival. Taking this option we focus on defending or perhaps compensating for the things we feel we cannot change. This option often provides 'No Choice' in the way we feel, often suppressing those things that we have no solutions for.

The other option is living. Taking this option we focus on solutions and become successful in re-training our neurological expression. When 'living' we focus on our potential, our opportunities, our life direction, our healing and our quality of spirit, and all of which enhance our 'living' quality of life.

With people - When they visit my Clinic, What do I do?
I work in the area of genetic inheritance and human behaviour. This encompasses a persons thoughts, emotions, physical body and energy systems. The way I use EA Kinesiology with clients allows me to find conflicts in mental, emotional, physical and energetic relationships people have.

Helping my clients resolve these conflicts by comparing the genetic inheritance people come into this world with (objective) to what they are doing with this inheritance (subjective) creates the right environment for them to find a solution to these conflicts so that they can progress their own healing. This is how this course came about.

I also explore various aspects of how we function and how we heal. These include the brain's defence reaction to stress and the neurological and physiological changes that occur as a result; the mental, emotional, physical and energetic contexts of The Universal Healing Model and how they interact as the highest contexts of who we are.

We then compare the effects of suppression versus expression; boredom versus motivation; function versus healing; and the application of this philosophy for your own healing. In understanding the Universal Laws of Healing and the expression of the values that are unique to each of us, in the context these natural laws, we can better influence our own heal.

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