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What is the Kinesiology I teach and Work with in my Clinic?

Easternview Recuperation CentreWhat is the Kinesiology I teach and Work with in my Clinic?

We have an innate ability to heal ourselves if we can. When for some reason we can't heal, our mind/body will let us know that there is an unresolved problem that we need to pay conscious attention to. We are alerted to this when the body displays symptoms of injury or illness.

Kinesiology works by allowing the body mind and spirit to heal and recuperate and why we sometimes don’t. In kinesiology a practitioner will use muscle testing to monitor the neurological response and to find some hidden emotional or perhaps physical problems.

Often people by their very nature defend their attitudes and beliefs. After all, people have these values ingrained in them form in early childhood. Sometimes people get stuck in these patterns, attitudes and beliefs and they become “stuck”.

What are Emotional Patterns?
These are often our motivators and can result in boredom excitement and in between a whole range of experiences. Often when we are feeling low can result in suppressing things we can’t resolve - which can be the cause or our health problems and why these health problems are maintained.

Our emotional behaviours that are represented in the subconscious as patterns that we access whenever outside stimuli occur. These patterns can be identified, examined and revealed to both students and clients by monitoring their behaviours. In kinesiology terms, by using a motivational barometer the student or patient’s consciousness can be accessed using muscle response monitoring.

Genetic Inheritance and Human Behaviour.
Rather than just managing or suppressing those symptoms, Kinesiology seeks to find what it is that is maintaining the symptoms; what it is, that the body/mind is unable to resolve and then what is needed for the resolution and healing to take place.

The essential art of Kinesiology includes muscle testing. This technique relies on the way your muscles are connected to your brain via your nervous system. Anything that registers in your brain as a stress is reflected in your nervous system and in your muscles.

Using muscle testing with specific references and challenges, Kinesiology allows your brain to reveal what stresses you. This can be any kind of stress - anything to do with your health, work, finances, relationships, goals, specific events in your life….anything at all.

Kinesiology then seeks the best solution; the best technique/s for that particular problem; one that will train your nervous system and enhance you own natural healing and recuperation ability.

As a Kinesiologist, I works with the mind/body systems. Kinesiology is remarkable, allowing me, the practitioner, to work with a wide range of patient issues.


Val Walters

Kinesiology Training

Easternview Recuperation Centre

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