Thursday, October 14, 2010

Val Walters Kinesiology Classes - Review The Philosophy

** Val Walters Kinesiology Classes Review **

In these workshop I introduce the Philosophy of and the uniqueness in the world of the kinesiology I use. My objective is to inform and educate.

Some of the concepts taught in my Kinesiology Classes will be:

Defence - this is written up in many books, but still the physiological effects, the mental and emotional, not to mention energetic, effects on the person, are not generally well known or understood. Our society speaks of survival rather than living, so why wouldn't we learn how to put much more energy into survival (read defending) rather than directing our energy into living!

Context vs Content - the problem is not the problem! The problem (read symptoms) is merely the messenger. Eliminating the messenger or even the first level of so called "cause" is working at the acute level. For long term healing we need to identify and work within the context/s in which the "problem" is being maintained.

Values - understanding that we are motivated by our personal values. We spend great amount of energy moving towards or away from certain values. When we are not, or can't be, congruent with our personal values (read true to self), we are not living within the Laws of Healing and the result? Out of balance, symptoms, dis-ease, pain. Not nice, no fun - just surviving!

Universal Healing Model - a map of contextual relationships. A map to find where the "screwy" bits are in these contextual relationships. Sort these out and we have more resources available to work within the Natural Laws of Healing. We can express our individual potential and in a personal, appropriate, and positive direction.

Some of the other topics in these workshop are:

Laws of Healing

Expression Vs Suppression

Motivation Vs Boredom.

This is the one kinesiology teaching the entire world should embrace!

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